Kill the routine, get your employees out of the office and get ready for an experience that will give you a boost of team spirit.

Let Surf Office be your next off­site team building experience. Whether it’s for the whole office, or simply a meetup with your remote team, our unique combination of work and play is sure to bring you and your employees closer together.

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Case studies

Killing the routine gets people excited, which can lead to an explosion of new ideas. Instead of getting lost in thought, why not organize your ideas in a way that will supercharge your company?

Take your next spurt of creative genius and organize a meetup or a hackathon. In no time at all, you can improve productivity, develop a new product, or even complete a successful rebranding, all while enjoying the surf and the sun.


Mattermost in Lisbon

Mattermost’s innovative design retreat comes together in Lisbon.

Invision in Ericeira

Invision’s team comes together for beach meetings in beautiful Ericeira.

Wondrous in Gran Canaria

How Wondrous used their retreat to boost their brand and team spirit.

Peakon in Barcelona

How Peakon turned their Barcelona retreat into a social media success.

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“Amazing experience! For a fully remote company with 500+ employees, it’s sometimes hard to organize off-sites where we all need to fly in from different parts of the world. But Surf Office made it a lot easier for us. With a great location in Portugal, we decided to bring around 20 folks together to experience a productive week while enjoying the change of environment and amazing Portuguese ocean views.”

Tomy, Product Designer at Invision