Starting as an experiment in 2013 by Peter, the first Surf Office was set up in Gran Canaria where first class beaches, perfect warm weather, and the position within the EU made it appealing to freelancers, surf lovers, and travelers alike.

Awesome Community

Being the first of its kind, Surf Office quickly attracted remote working professionals and those who couldn’t take time off for vacation. And while the location was great, accommodation comfy and the workspace had reliable, fast internet connection, it was the community that guests praised the most.

As the community grew larger day by day, the original concept shifted to something broader than the original purpose – from providing a location to work and surf it became a place where like-minded individuals mixed together, where new friendships were formed and business partnerships were made.

Rapid Growth

With Surf Office’s organic growth our focus broadened and not only freelancers and digital nomads came to enjoy working under the sun – companies also benefited from retreats, hackathons, and team building activities where they enjoyed a beach lifestyle and got things done at the same time.

A lot of things have happened since we welcomed our first Surf Office guests. We’ve opened new locations, started organizing meetups in various European cities, and built a new base in Lisbon.

The concept has even inspired other entrepreneurs who adapted it around the world. We also received much more press interest than we expected, from The New York Times to Business Insider.

We came to realize that more and more companies were contacting us for company retreats rather than solo travelers and digital nomads. It made us think long and hard about our approach, and we’ve now shifted our focus to become company retreat facilitators rather than hosts for individuals.

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Strong Vision

While Surf Office has grown from one person into a recognized brand with strong team advisors from hospitality and real estate, and while our approach has changed, the philosophy has remained the same – working from anywhere while having fun and a high quality of life.

Fast forward to today, bootstrapped and run by a small, distributed team, we continue to grow further and follow our big visions of expanding to new locations.