Surf Office has already hosted 9 satisfied teams of Automatticians.

What is Surf Office?

A specialized organiser of productive team offsites for distributed teams.

Included in off-site packages:

  • Private office
  • Accommodation
  • Dedicated pre-arrival Retreat Planner
  • Customized schedule with activity
  • Meal reservations
  • Online concierge service
  • Onsite support during offsite

Why Surf Office?

  Saving time and money

Why spend time organising a retreat when you can manage a team or write code?

  Removing risk

100% secure and backed up internet, professional and timely workspace.

  Ongoing Lisbon Love Affair

Surf Office has hosted 8 satisfied teams from Automattic in Lisbon.

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Extras which Automatticians like

#1 Flexible check-in

We understand the traditional hospitality check-in after 2 pm is not convenient for a distributed team coming in from all over the globe. We’ll have someone at the workspace at all times to receive guests and check you into the accommodation as early as possible.

#2 Special snacks and drinks arrival package

#3 Adapters (US and UK)

#4 Airport transfers

#5 Organization of a local meetup

Organizing a local meetup: Be it for hiring or networking purposes, we have a strong local community of tech people and remote workers in most Surf Office locations and can easily put together a meetup like the one for a previous Automattic group in Lisbon.

#6 Organisation of Arrival Dinner

We’ll book an epic (and tested) restaurant next to the retreat venue which has meals with all dietary options available so your team can relax and connect on your first night in town.

#7 Local SIM cards

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