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Creative Retreats in Lisbon

Have you heard about a corporate office that transforms workers into creative machines? Yeah, that sounds pretty far-fetched. Office life tends to do the opposite – kill creativity and override inspiration with routine and mundanity (not to mention the all-enticing procrastination).

But everyone needs to be creative from time to time. Creativity lets us respond better to problems and come up with better solutions.

That’s why we’re introducing creative retreats. Take your team away for a week (or two) and combine all the great things – fresh air, new environment, sightseeing and team building activities tailored specifically to trigger new ideas and uncover hidden creativity in your team.

Lisbon’s colorful streets are packed with inspiration and a little systematic approach will allow you to enjoy it to the fullest while increasing your team’s motivation and productivity.




Enough of the sales talk. Here’s your game plan. It can be adjusted for a trip as long or short as your team needs. In any case, it’s quite possible that your stay just won’t be long enough.

LX Factory and Village Underground tour

The undeniably most creative area in Lisbon is full of art and quirky residences, including a hipster bookstore, gallery and hip coffee shops. Enjoy a group tour around and see why creatives of Lisbon decided to make this space their home.

Source: Zuzana



Gallery of Modern Art

No need to go to Paris, Madrid or London for decent art. Berardo collection includes names such as Picasso, Miró, Bacon, Warhol and many more. Let art speak for itself and then get the whole team to elaborate on how did it make them feel.

Source: jmenj


Source: pedro

Surf lessons and wireframing in the sand

Learn to surf and swap your favorite app or pen for sand and hands (or feet). Engage your team in crafting wireframes using only tools from nature and your own imagination. Who said you need a Mac to come up with cool prototyping ideas?

Street art tour

Lisbon is the European capital of street art, period. Explore the masterpieces of Vhils and other famous Portuguese artists in the city streets. Street art can be find in any neighbourhood and in some locations you can even locate aerosol cans nearby (fancy contributing to the local scene?).


Brainstorming at the feet of Christ the King

Get some fresh air on your walk to the statue on the south bank and make way for new ideas in your head. After all, exercise is one of the most reliable ways to move on when you’re stuck with a problem.


Wander around and admire traditional architecture

Even though Lisbon is a fairly compact city, counting how many traditional buildings with pretty tiles are there would be an insurmountable task. It shouldn’t stop you though. Well, you don’t need to count them but gazing at the numerous colorful and charming tiles is a nice way to get your creative juices flowing.


Cook a Portuguese meal together

We will give you a recipe and you’ll try to cook a unique Portuguese dish with your team. That’s dinner sorted for one evening! But don’t worry, there are some decent restaurants around in case the cooking doesn’t turn out as expected 😉

Bonus assignment: Redesign UI of the Lisbon’s metro ticket system

Buying a metro ticket in Lisbon is a real pain. With half a day design hackathon you can contribute to making everyday life in Lisbon easier and find solutions to improve UX and UI of local metro ticket machines.


Saskia Rysenbry, Freelance visual designer: “I spent a lot of time at LX Factory, a huge industrial space which is now home to art and design studios, small businesses, cafes/bars and the most beautiful bookshop!

And Copenhagen Coffee Lab – a cafe that feels like a Scandinavian design studio. So many great galleries to visit in Lisbon, Museu Berardo in Belem is probably my favourite, the trip out there is worth it alone!”

Andrew Graunke, Director of Design: “I found it especially nice for taking short, meaningful, breaks. I could close my laptop, walk around the block, grab an espresso, listen to live jazz, catch the sea breeze, and return to my laptop within 20 minutes. The sights and sounds had me instantly refreshed.

Aside from great infrastructure – transportation, cafés, internet, and Surf Office – Lisbon has a culture and history that is full of life and wonder. How a city older than Rome could be so cute and full of optimism is beyond me. I’d love to be there right now.”


Ready to get a creative boost?