Get on the same boat with nomads and remote workers. Literally!
June 26, 2015

It seems that times, when remote workers and nomads met on land in coworking spaces and little cafes are over. There’s a new trend rising up with a boat being the central meetup point!

Coworking and exploring on an eco catamaran

Promising unlimited internet connection aboard, Coboat is an ambitious project to look forward to. This coworking space floating on salty water can accommodate up to 20 digital nomads and entrepreneurs, enabling them to network, develop new ideas or even swap their skills for new ones far from their daily duties.

Starting from South East Asia in November 2015, Coboat will circumnavigate the world, stopping at exotic destinations to give travelers an option to know local cultures. Thanks to frequent sailing along coastlines, coboaters will enjoy 3G and 4G network. When on the ocean, the catamaran will use satellite communications.

Coboat is as much about sailing and working as it’s about community. Collaboration between coboaters will be highly encouraged. Surfing, snorkelling and paddling around coves and caves are some of the options how to spend some time besides work.

Staying eco plays a huge role, too. Striving for zero carbon footprint, the boat will rely on sailing as often as possible. Electric motors, powered by solar and wind generated batteries will fuel the boat, instead of oil or diesel. “We will bring the old charter boat back from The Maldives to Phuket for refurbishment and renovations to transform it to provide all the facilities into a coworking space.” Says James Abbott, one of the co-founders.

Nomadic gathering on a super-cheap cruise to Brazil

Those on the budget also have a great chance to join a nomadic adventure. The first ever digital nomadic cruise will last 9 days and costs only €236. Starting at Gran Canaria, the boat towards Brazil will connect over 90 adventurous digital nomads from all over the world.

Johannes Voelkner, the nomad behind Web Work Travel has been promoting the deal actively among nomadic and coworking communities so if you’d like to see who will be joining the transatlantic cruise, check the event he created.

As internet connection will be rather expensive onboard this ship (starting at 0,20€/min), the cruise will be more of a digital detox than a coworking retreat. Nevertheless, mastermind groups, talks and sport activities are being planned by those who have already jumped on the opportunity.

With jacuzzis, pool, casino, outdoor climbing wall, spa and a running track, this bargain is a great chance to spend some time offline and get to know other nomads and entrepreneurs.