Monica Zeng from Aragon One: Hiring, onboarding, coaching and offsites in a remote team
September 12, 2019

“Remote work” and “coaching” are often mentioned in the same breath. But, on today’s More Beach Meetings episode, it won’t be in the manner you expect.

Our guest is Monica Zeng, the human resources expert at Aragon One. Aragon One is an offshoot of the Aragon Project, an organization founded to empower freedom by building the tools and the community necessary for decentralized organizations to thrive.

Monica is in charge of hiring, but she’s also a steward of Aragon One’s culture. She makes sure the company culture stays intact over time. Monica also does a lot of team development and yes – coaching. It’s not the type of feel-good life coaching you might expect. It’s results-driven, employee development coaching that makes her remote offsites fun and rewarding.

Monica has a background in social entrepreneurship and a passion for psychology and management. Her experience is the perfect combination of skills for a company that not only thinks outside the box, but questions why there even is a box.

In this podcast, we chatted with Monica about her approach to hiring, how she uses coaching to professionally develop the Aragon One team members, and some of the creative activities Monica’s dreamed up to make their offsite retreats a little more special.

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