Our favorite hiking trails in Gran Canaria
July 28, 2014

Sometimes people ask what we do when there are no waves and ocean looks like a calm lake. So, what? Does a visit of a rum factory count? If doesn’t, we usually go hiking, mainly during the weekends when not everyone needs to work. And what are my favorite hiking spots?

Barranco de Azuaje

This nice valley near Firgas village is known for its water production. The valley is super green the whole year which is unusual for Gran Canaria. There is a small stream splitting the valley into two parts. When you walk the path you have to cross the stream many times, sometimes the crossing is a bit tricky but never dangerous. Ok, it could be dangerous if you wear Prada shoes because it is highly possible that your shoes are going to be wet after this 6 km long hike.

Caldera de Bandama

Have you ever thought of how it looks inside of volcano? Let’s say that it is a huge green hole in the middle of the island. Does it sounds strange? Yeap, but it’s true for the Bandama volcano. This old volcano with its highest point, Pico de Bandama, offers a spectacular view to the nice landscape. The steep walk takes you to the bottom of the crater where you can see a farmhouse and many green plants and old trees. It is a perfect picnic spot for sunny days.

Santa Lucia de Tirajana

Is a small village and is worth a visit, full of palm trees with a nice church. There is a mountain circular route with steep passages but with breathtaking views. If you are hot weather hiking lover, this hike is a perfect for you, because during sunny days the temperature can get really high. If you get lost, don’t worry too much you will probably find the same village (Temisas) as we did where you can enjoy the best local food I have eaten in Gran Canaria.


Barranco de Guayadeque

This hidden jewel of Gran Canaria can be found on the way from Agüimes to Ingenio. This valley is full of caves and burial chambers and offers beautiful sceneries. After walk in the valley, believe me, there is a lot to explore, you can have a traditional Canarian lunch/dinner in one of two cave restaurants.

Barranco de los Cernícalos

Do you want to see waterfalls? If so, this is the right place to go. The ravine is a part of Natural Reserve and is located near Telde. It is leafy with small stream’s pools and with a few waterfalls. The highest and for me the best waterfall can be found at the total end of the path after you climb some rocks, but without seeing this one, the visit is not full and worthy.