Team building activities for remote teams
October 11, 2019

Remote teams are on the rise as more and more companies see the benefit of a globalized, decentralized workforce.

One 2018 survey found that 56% of companies were remote to some extent. Virtual teams that are dispersed are more productive, more innovative, and more engaged with their work. However, remote teams face the unique challenge of collaborating from a distance.

There are many ways to bring your remote team together throughout the workweek. Productivity tools like Slack and Trello can improve communication on key projects and workflows.

All-hands team meetings can help break your remote workers out of their siloes. But, deeper team building presents a different challenge.

Next steps for remote team-building

Surf Office has a ton of resources to help you plan your remote team-building retreat.

Our experience has also given us some key recommendations we can share. Start by planning your schedule for the biggest team-building activity to take place one day before departure.

For example, if you’re planning a three-day retreat, host the activity on the second day. Then, plan a dinner together as a group on the third day (and leave for home the following morning).

This gives your team plenty of time to get to know each other and debrief after the team activity.

We can help you organize a company retreat, whether its an annual retreat, milestone celebration, hackathon, innovation week, or leadership retreat.

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