The best locations for a company retreat near Berlin
July 8, 2020

Even the delights of the Berghain queue can start to wear. If you’re looking to take the team out of the city for a night or two but have limited time, or would prefer not to go too far afield for environmental reasons, the countryside just outside Berlin has plenty to offer.

Use your time to recentre, motivate the team, and get a boost from the change of scene.

1. Sächsische Schweiz

Saxon Switzerland, just outside Dresden (2.5hrs from Berlin) is a climber’s paradise with over 1000 peaks and 14,000 routes. Hike for days or walk along the banks of the Elbe River and take in some al fresco theatre.

The coffee house scene on Äußere Neustadt in the city is second to none and you can choose from a boutique hotel in the city or a low-key Bed and Breakfast in the national park with views of the Lilienstien mountain.

2. Mecklenburg

Covering the northeast corner of Germany, Mecklenburg has the breathtaking chalk cliffs of the “German Riviera” and plenty of spots for kite and windsurfing along the Baltic coastline.

You can stay in an upmarket wellness hotel on the island of Rugen or a friendly guesthouse harbourside in Rostock.

The “land of a thousand lakes”, Mecklenburg is perfect for sailing and canoeing and surrounded by a wealth of national parks with beautiful trails for biking and hiking.

3. Spreewald

Just under an hour from Berlin by train, Spreewald is a beautiful place for a couple of nights away with the team.

Lübbenau is home to the world-famous Gherkin Mile, celebrating Spreewald’s best-loved export – the pickled cucumber, and is a great starting point for a boat trip exploring the rivers and canals lacing the region. Or, you can explore the UNESCO biosphere reserve under your own steam by canoe or raft and swim in the lakes.

After a long day’s hiking or bike riding, you can soothe your aching muscles in the saltwater thermal baths at Burg and spend the night in a luxury hotel or cozy guesthouse.

4. Beelitz

Visit Beelitz, just 50 minutes outside Berlin, in the springtime and you can buy bundles of “white gold” from the Spargelstadt – “Asparagus City”.

Or bring your camera, explore the abandoned military hospital and walk above the trees along the 40m high walkway enjoying views all the way to Berlin.

If that wasn’t enough, the Brandenburg region has 11 Naturparks for hiking, horse riding, bike riding, and lapping up the lakes and scenery.

There are plenty of charming traditional pensions to spend the night in the area.

5. Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt

“Land of the early risers” Saxony-Anhalt is home to seven world heritage sites, but more importantly, on the border with Thuringia, you will find Europe’s northernmost vineyards around Saale-Unstrut, 2.5 hours from Berlin.

Surrounded by rolling hills, the region is perfect for long walks and a tasting from one of the many cellars. Have a slice of Baumkuchen or some chocolate from Germany’s oldest chocolate factory in Halle.

The team can stay in a smart Naumberg hotel or at a local Weingut for an evening’s wine tasting.

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