The best team building activities for large work groups
September 20, 2019

Experts disagree on whether or not team building activities work for traditional workforces. When employees work in the same office space and interact in person every day, team building and off-site retreats often feel like an imposition rather than an opportunity.

As one executive from Mars puts it, “Most corporate team building is a waste of time and money.”

This dynamic changes, though when working with remote teams. Remote teams need team-building to foster better collaboration and boost morale. Team building activities, when done right, can improve productivity and employee retention for remote teams. They’re also great for innovating new business ideas and getting on the same page before launching a new product or service.

It’s easy to do a team-building activity when your workforce is limited to 15 people.

But, what happens when your remote team has grown to 50+ employees?

Some team building activities become impossible. Here are some alternative team building options to try at your next all-hands offsite.

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