The most interesting coworking concepts
April 12, 2014

When I worked in an open-plan office in the city, the only thing I wanted was to live and work near a surf spot. However, I didn’t want to be stuck alone at one of the local cafe shops or at home office because I knew that working alone can be distracting. I had heard about “coworking” and “co-living” and decided to set up a coworking space that would perfectly match my needs.

So, I found a place with a perfect surfing conditions, rented an office space and apartments and started working on my ideal working spot: The Surf Office.

Nowadays, coworking spaces have been growing across the globe and some of them are really unique:


Agora’s Program for Collaborative Artistic Practices (AFFECT) provides the space to expansion of knowledge within artistic practice. It is located in Berlin and includes an accommodation for participants and a cafe/restaurant for everyone who enjoys the international cuisine.


Two-week programme for non-US startups gives an opportunity to live and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world. It is a gateway to start doing business in Silicon Valley and go global.


Another awesome upcoming coworking and co-living project for startups. Entrepreneurs from all around the world will live on the ship located close to the coast of San Francisco and Silicon Valley, in international waters. That means without the need of U.S. work visa but with possibility of daily transportation to the mainland.


Brooklyn Boulders is not only a huge rock-climbing, yoga and wellness center but also a collaborative workspace in Boston. The main idea is to connect work with workout and make a space full of energy and movement that results in a healthy work environment.


Casa Netural is a project based on a week of co-living. It also offers usage of coworking space twice a week for freelancers and activities, courses and events in the city of Matera, in the southern Italy.

HUS 24

Located in an old five-story house in the Old Town of Stockholm Hus 24 is the first swedish co-living and coworking space since February 2012.


When Fin Risto Pietilä bought the Manor House, he announced the house could become a center for Bictcoin’s enthusiasts. Let’s see what happens!


2500 m2 platform in Oslo that aims to make entrepreneurs feel at home. The common areas can be used from eating to playing a table tennis. It has its own night club (sick!), café house and hosts meetups and events.


A place combining coworking with living in nature near Paris founded by Parisian coworking La Mutinerie and cool guys from Copass.


Coffee shop, apartments and 24/7 coworking in one building in the center of creative neighborhood is what St. Oberholz offers to entrepreneurs and startups. I guess you can actually begin being a hipster in this place because of the highest concentration of Macbooks in Berlin.


Coworking and co-living space that connects visiting entrepreneurs with local communities while enjoying Kyoto in Japan.

For me, being a part of the coworking movement is the opportunity to meet and work with like-minded and driven people passionate about the business goals as I am. Yeap, you are right, I love it!