Without the right strategy, you won’t know what direction your business is heading in

The success of any company is built on strategy, goals and a clear direction. Many companies sometimes struggle with defining and crafting a winning strategy, especially when they’re stuck in the same office and same routine everyday.

Create a focused strategy from a focused environment

Creating new ideas and a focused strategy can often require a new and focused environment. By breaking your usual routine, making use of our workspace, meeting rooms and brainstorming sessions, and working from a new & inspiring location, we can help you define a winning strategy for your business.

We know that it seems to make more sense to keep everything under one roof and brainstorm and strategise from your office, but this same environment will always have you thinking in the same way.

While this isn’t always a bad thing, especially if your strategy has been working, a company retreat allows you to take a step back, analyse more thoroughly and spark new ideas. Besides, a strategy needs to constantly adapt to the changing working world.

Your strategy could be for the coming year, a five year plan, what you want to achieve over the next ten years, or it could simply be for the next few months with a specific project in mind.

At Surf Office, we will be on hand to help you every step of the way, should you need it! We’ve had experience helping dozens of companies strategise with brainstorming sessions, strategy games, planning and leading meetings.

And if you didn’t need help with this and want to just crack on yourself, then we’ll be organising your accommodation, activities, meeting rooms and steady supply of coffee in the background so that you have nothing else to worry about.

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Behind every good company is a good strategy

Although it seems many people were “overnight successes”, we all know this isn’t true. They had plenty of experience, a well-planned strategy, and a professional team behind them, all leading to that “eureka!” moment.

Whether you’re a new startup, a growing SME, a distributed company or an office-based company, we can help you both with strategy and growth hacking to not only plan where you want your business to go, but also to help you get there faster.

There’s many ways that we can help you with your strategy. From strategy games to brainstorming sessions to hundreds of post-it notes (and free coffee!), we have the ideas, the experience and the supplies to help you with your growth hacking strategy to facilitate new business ideas.

Schedule a free call with us and we’ll show you how we can help.

Why can’t I just keep strategising from my office?

It seems like the obvious question. As we said above, it seems to make sense to keep everything in one place; why not plan your strategy for your year ahead from the place or the environment that you will be executing that strategy, especially if it’s been working just fine?

It’s for the same reason that you don’t take a holiday in your home. You need to break that routine, whether it’s for entertainment purposes or business purposes. There’s absolutely no reason you can’t strategise from your office, but the same routine and the same environment doesn’t naturally lead to the new level of creativity that you need.

With our short, jam-packed company retreats, you can hit the ground running and begin strategising from day one. They allow you to take a step back from the usual noise and routine, clearly look at the coming months and years, and get a much better action plan in place to tackle what lies ahead. Even Steve Jobs took company retreats to take his company to the next level!

We aren’t going to claim that a short stay at Surf Office will leave you with millions in the bank the following the week, but it will be a start. We organise everything you’ll need in the retreat, from booking restaurants to organising days out, so you can spend your days completely clear and focused.

And, should you need us, we can bring our experience of organising strategy sessions to the table too. We’ll also be available after your retreat to keep the discussion going and let you bounce ideas off us if you need a second opinion!

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