A company retreat is a great opportunity to boost the online image of your company, crucial in helping to attract new talent.

Stop wasting money on recruiting agenciesexpensive headhunters, and costly advertising. A good PR strategy from the retreat will drive organic leads to your HR.

Allow Surf Office to leverage your retreat into a social media win.


What’s included in our PR package?

1. Visual content

We will create visual content for you to present your company in a cooler & more positive way, whether through presentation on your about/hiring pages, or through social media exposure, such as with Instagram stories.

2. Creating blog and podcast content

Let’s talk about your company culture and your story. We usually craft it as an interview with the founder or other interesting people from your team.

3. Social media exposure

Besides the content we create, we will encourage your employees to have a visual presence in social media. We will prepare a custom and personalised page to show this content, which you can host on your own domain. Here is an example of [o-spreh-oh].

“Hey, we’re hiring” doesn’t have to sound boring. We will also use our own social media channels to boost traffic to your hiring page.

4. Sponsored boost

Our Facebook Ads expert will prepare a brand campaign with the budget of 500 € to boost the content above even more.

Alexandra Dragos, Communications Manager at [o-spreh-oh]

“Our website got thousands of visitors from all over the world, it was greatly appreciated within our community and, we hope, inspired others to let their stories be truly seen, as they are experienced.”

Alexandra Dragos, Communications Manager at [o-spreh-oh]

Additional PR packages:

  • Larger budget for a Facebook Ads boost
  • Organising local meetups and workshops during your retreat


If you have any questions, feel free to ask.