Company Retreats

Combine Work & Play

The majority of humans are creatures of habit, and a daily routine can help us keep our life organized and our work on track. But the trouble with routine is that things can get a little stale and just a bit too samey. And when this happens, things get boring, and then the all-time number one productivity killer rears his ugly head; procrastination.

Companies do many different things to keep their workforce productive and moving forward together, such as ‘dress down Fridays’ and countless meetings all with the aim of sparking new ideas, but these things either don’t work or have little impact.

Here at Surf Office we’ve hosted dozens of companies looking to cement their team culture, find the motivation to grow new ideas or to change their workplace to crack a new project they have going. These companies, such as Shopify & WordPress, all stayed with us to achieve their own unique goals and despite their differences they all had one thing in common; they all succeeded in their goals.

Perhaps you’ve hit a ceiling in your current workplace? Maybe you want to change up your routine and keep things interesting? Or maybe you just want to work from a beautiful location for a change? Have a read below of our guide on company retreats and then we’ll hopefully see you soon!

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Why Organise a Company Retreat?

Perhaps your day-to-day business operations keep you from launching your next project. Or maybe you want to put together the growth plan for your brand? Allow different ambience improve your outcomes. Or simply get out of the office.

Company retreats are perfect for:


Once you’re cut from your daily social environment (friends and family), magic starts to happen and you can see an exceptional boost in you productivity.

Team building

All colleagues will have a great time with sports activities or just going out for dinner. It’s the best way to know each other and build quality relationships.


Some may think that hackathons are associated only with tech companies and startups, but that’s not true. They can be organized easily by non-technical people and we’d be happy to assist you with them.

Work-leisure balance

When employees are happy, they are also more productive. For most people the happiness lies in the good balance between work and leisure. It’s not a rocket science and it’s easily achievable when you’re in the right environment.

Rebranding projects

We already had two companies (Vetalio and Wondrous) with rebranding as the main goal of their retreats. Working on new websites, content for social media and company values, they were able to reach set objectives and have a superb time off.

Strategic Planning

There is never time to slow down, step back and develop a strategy for the next months or years. When the business is growing fast, it is the right time to dedicate a few days to work on a strategic plan for moving further.

Kick off new projects

There is no better way to kick off a new project than during a retreat. You have time to focus and you can discuss deeply every single detail of the project with all people at one place.

Combine Work & Fun

For some projects, like strategic business planning, uninterrupted time is essential. For others, simply changing your surrounding environment is enough to make a difference in your productivity. If you feel like you’ve hit a wall, or that you need to get outside more, a company retreat is one of the best investments you can make in your business and employees.

Teambuilding ideas

Prepare and enjoy breakfast together

Kick off new projects

Challenge yourself as a team by trying something new­ – Like surfing!

Explore new places together

Plan your next business strategy with a fresh outlook

Relax and watch a movie

Take the time to work on something you have neglected

Organize a hackathon with your team mates

Cook dinner together

Go out on the town to one of the many local clubs and bars