Why Plan Your Company Retreat With Surf Office?

Organising a large team retreat can be extremely stressful, especially in the location you don’t know well.

We’ve helped companies to organise their first large retreats as well to companies which organise it regularly and want to delegate to hard part on us.

That’s exactly our job. To save you valuable resources – people in your company who have to organise a retreat. You can delegate the organisation to us completely or only use our support.

We have experience with multiple large groups with up to 100 people (and we can definitely handle even larger groups).

Our locations for large (20+ people) retreats: Lisbon, Barcelona and Gran Canaria

EVBox builds a more sustainable future for our daily transportation.

With their team of 100 people they decided to celebrate a year of massive growth and we helped them to organise their annual retreat in Lisbon.

So much fun!

How does it work?

1. Schedule a call with our company retreat expert

We would like to hear more about your plans and how we can make your next company summit a success.

Do you have an office in one location or is your team distributed? Can employees bring their partners? Is the retreat going to be more about work or fun?

2. Planning with your dedicated project manager

Even finding and booking one single restaurant for the dinner can be a painful project. Is the food going to be good? Is the price fair? How many of our team members have diet restrictions?

Each retreat is a combination of multiple smaller projects and with a large group the complexity might be scary.

But no worries, we mastered this process and made it fun and easy.

Our experienced project manager dedicated to you will help you with a whole organisation from searching for flights to crafting unique surprise activities for your team.

3. Detailed plan and schedule of your company retreat

At the end of the planning process you will end up with the bullet-proof schedule. There is no room for improvisation with a large group.

Everything must work perfectly, all the activities and transfers must be just-on-time.

Sounds like a dream end, right? That’s how we work.

You are ready for your epic company retreat.

Organize your next company retreat with Surf Office

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“I just wanted to say a thousand thanks to you for all of your hardwork and help in the organising of our team summit. It was a huge success and we couldn’t have done it without you!”

Emma Louise Bowen, People & Operations Manager in Peakon

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