4 days, 20 people and 1 hackathon.

A short video of Invision team retreat in Ericeira.

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The New York Times
“Facilities like Surf Office offer the benefits of an office environment while also providing a place to sleep, have fun and interact with colleagues.”

“Mixing surf and socialization creates a better balance in working together and getting things done.”

Common Questions

What type of team building activities can we do in Ericeira?
There are plenty of activities to do with everything from half-day trips to Sintra or Cabo da Roca. The majority of companies prefer Stand Up Paddle surfing or hiking along the coast. 

How many people can you host?
We’ve hosted dozens of teams with everything from 5 to 100 people. The usual size of most retreats is around 10 people.

What type of work environment can we expect?
A comfortable workspace for the whole team, fast internet, a meeting area with a projector, flipcharts, thousands of post-it notes, and everything you need for productive brainstorming sessions.

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