How many people can you host?
We’ve hosted dozens of teams with everything from 5 to 100 people. The usual size of most retreats is around 10 people.

Why should we use Surf Office instead of Airbnb?
Airbnb works fine for smaller groups (up to 10 people). The main difference between Airbnb and Surf Office is that we create a personalised authentic experience, you have a professional workspace for you and assurance of good internet.

Airbnb would probably be cheaper if you don’t consider the time of some team members involved into organisation. Also, be careful with the Airbnb cancellation policy which can ruin your trip and make it more expensive that you planned.

Why should we use Surf Office instead of hotel?
Hotels are not very authentic, many times sterile and you can’t cook a dinner with your colleagues. However, we work with hotels for larger group (more than 30 people) because of the simplicity of organisation.

Can you help us with flights?
Based on where your team is located, we can definitely advise you the most optimal Surf Office location for your next team meetup. However, we don’t book the flights for clients but we can recommend some good services.

What will happen after I make an inquiry?
The more detail you use to describe your ideal retreat, the better a proposal we can offer you. A short call (usually about 5 minutes) really helps us to understand your expectations.

Once you decide to go with the proposal and the payment is made, the planning starts. We know that the organisation of the retreat is not your fulltime job and we constantly optimise the whole process to minimise your time involvement.

What is the best time of the year to organise a retreat?

  • The best time is when you have a feeling your team needs a retreat
  • The most popular periods are spring and autumn
  • There is no month when we didn’t organise a retreat
  • The most popular winter locations are Gran Canaria and Madeira
  • The rest of the locations are popular all year round

What does the housing look like?
Based on your budget, we usually have an ensuite and shared accommodation option in each location. We always try to accommodate all your group in one house.

What should I bring?

  • Communal supplies such as laundry detergent, hair dryers, toilet paper, kitchen towels and cleaning products are ready for your use
  • Every room comes with a set of bedding and towels
  • Since the purpose of your stay is business, be sure to bring your computer and the necessary electricity converters
  • If you forget to take these with you, we can help you locate a local electronics store to get you started

Do you offer discounts?
Yes, currently we offer discounts for all companies who are participating or participated in startup programs such as 500 Startups, YCombinator, TechStars, Seedcamp, HackFwd, Springboard, Startup Bootcamp & Startup Chile. Ping us via

What travel insurance do you recommend?

We don’t have any specific recommendations, as it’ll change from person to person! Consider what you need first, as this will help you narrow down your search (i.e valuable extensions cover and hazardous activities cover, or maybe just the basics)

Check out your credit card providers first as they often include insurance. Any activities you do through us during the retreat are covered by insurance.

How does the team building activity planning work?

We begin the planning as soon as the retreat is confirmed. We have a large network of trusted providers of authentic experiences, and you’ll choose your activities up to two weeks before you arrive.

Once you’ve chosen, we’ll help to organise everything, giving you complete peace of mind. The costs for the activities are around 30-50 Eur depending on the activity and the location.

When everything is organised we’ll send an additional invoice for the activities.

How does it work with the food?

We don’t generally supply food, although we can provide breakfast and catered lunch in some specific locations. We will, however, give you a list of all our favourite and most trusted restaurants within good walking distance to your location.

All of our accommodations have a kitchen, and we’ve found that cooking together is actually one of the best team building activities. We also have supermarkets close by to all Surf Office locations.

What are the visa implications of traveling to Spain or Portugal from outside of the EU?

If you are travelling outside of the EU, you may need a visa. It’s a simple and easy process, and we will provide you with all of the information that you’ll need.

What is the payment policy for the retreat?

The payment will be made after you’ve confirmed your retreat, and can be divided into two parts. You must supply the whole payment before the retreat starts.

More questions? Don’t hesitate to ask.