Breakfast venues

Panaderia y Bolleria (Bakery)

   Calle Salvador 65

Freshly baked bread, baguettes and all kinds of Canarian sweets (bollas de anís, bollas de platanos, galletas etc).



   Calle Secretario Padilla 153

Sandwich, homemade tiramisu or freshly baked cake? Everything is yummy! Do you need a cup of coffee to start your day? Ask for café con leche (= cappuccino), cortado largo (= café macchiato) or café solo (= espresso).

Ca’ Manolin

  Calle Numancia 88

A perfect spot for having a homemade breakfast. The owner prepares every single “bocadillo” on his own and he really loves what he does, you can read it in this eyes (and taste it in his food!). 

Churreria Guanarteme

   Calle Castillejos 6

Sometimes you just need to start your day with something sweet. Try churros filled with nutella, dulce de leche (sweetened condensed milk) or dipped in hot chocolate (chocolate caliente)!


Smoothie Galaxy

  Calle Lepanto, 9

Start your day with a healthy smoothie, smoothie bowl or homemade cake and load your body with vitamins.

Lunch venues

La Bikina

   Paseo las Canteras, 63

The burgers and fries are only mediocre, but the tacos, ceviche, salads, and basically everything else is pretty good.



C. Sagunto, 7

Have a tasty “Triple Mumbai sandwich” served in a superb setting overlooking the Atlantic ocean.


Pa’ pizza

  Calle Secretario Padilla 166

Take away authentic Italian pizza made by a real Italian. Delizioso!

Bar Casa Carmelo

   Calle Secretario Padilla, 106

Great local bar, extremely friendly staff and superb seafood! The best fried squid, grilled octopus with mojo sauce and papas arrugadas anywhere around. Worth a stop for lunch. 2 plates and dessert for approx. 10 EUR.

Ca’ Manolin

   Calle Numancia 88

Lunch menu: 2 traditional Canarian dishes + dessert + drink 


Food court in Las Arenas

Shopping mall Las Arenas | 2nd floor

There you will find everything that you can think of: pizza, pasta, burger, sushi, kebab, and Spanish food.


AWA viva biofood 

   Calle Salvador, 12.

Vegan or vegetarian, this place is just awesome. The daily menu is amazing and coffee with almond, oat or rice milk is a must have. 

Dinner venues

Café Central

   Calle Numancia 85

Why are people queuing in front of this bistro and waiting hours for a table every single day? You’ll know the reason when you try its famous “fajita de ternera” or “ensalada de pollo” (chicken salad). Both plates are fantastic!



   Calle Covadonga 13

Want fresh seafood? Nautilo is the best choice! “Tataki de atún rojo” (red tuna) or “arroz negro con calamares” are the best! You won’t go wrong with whatever you order!


   Calle Fernando Guanartame 56

The oldest Japanese restaurant in Spain. Great sushi too!


De Enyesque Canteras

  Calle Churruca 2

Good quality of Spanish food, tapas, fish or meat plates.

Allende Muelle

   Calle Isla de Cuba 42

Mini burgers, steaks, “queso herreno” (cheese from El Hierro), “berenjena frita” (fried aubergine) are fantastic. You must try “the cookie” or “cheesecake”, because the desserts are perfect!


200 gramos

   Calle Rúiz de Alda 26

The best burgers in town! Home-made baked buns, excellent meat and a perfect atmosphere. What else do you need?


Mercado del Puerto

   Calle Albareda 76

A lively place with various type of restaurants: tapas, spanish ham & cheese, sushi, hot dogs, burritos etc.

El Paseo

   Calle Sagunto 4 

Traditional Spanish cuisine. On their menu you’ll find octopus, fish, paella and much more. And the view? Spectacular. 

Arena Negra Gastrobar

  Numancia 15, esq Perú.

Tasty food, great wine and directly on the promenade facing the ocean.

Bandidos beach bar

  Calle Numancia 1

Great burgers, smoothies and much more.