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“Not only was the working environment on this retreat better than our previous retreats, but a less stressful situation also allowed us to have a lot of fun together as well.”

Lennart Brandt, Designer at Elbstack

“In Lisbon, we went all sailing and e-biking through the city. In one week we try to get all the camaraderie you’d get in one year.”

Mary Hartberg, Director of People Operations at Close.io

“We have a lot of European customers and contributors, community members, employees and wanted a central place to meet.”

Corey Hulen, Co-founder at Mattermost

“This event was just: Revolutionary. Top. Wild. Engaging. Inspirational. Great. Amazing.”

Various employees at EVBox

“The fact that we have the whole coworking space all set up for us with projectors, table, computer screens, everything was very useful.”

Ariane Gras, Partner Program Manager at Stripe

“A few days like these force you to go outside your comfort zone and to forget that it actually works. Yourself at home and yourself in the office is the same person.”

Gregory Blondeau, CEO at Proxyclick

“Surf Office seamlessly delivered all the essentials of a co-work and co-live experience for my company’s first ever retreat.”

Elise Darmanin, CEO at Canupy

“The Surf Office was the perfect place to set up camp for our event, away from the touristy crowds but close to trendy restaurants.”

Michelle Ardiel, Director of Operations at Flytographer

“We had a group of 10 people for two weeks and it was hugely productive to have a nice, clean, private space with fast internet and all the amenities.”

Clayton Gran, Founder at SellerCrowd

This Surf Office location was created in partnership with Digital Jersey.

Digital Jersey is a government-backed economic development agency dedicated to upskilling the Island’s workforce, creating digital jobs and helping to position the island of Jersey as a leader in digital innovation.

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Make organizing your next retreat easy

The New York Times
“Facilities like Surf Office offer the benefits of an office environment while also providing a place to sleep, have fun and interact with colleagues.”

“Mixing surf and socialization creates a better balance in working together and getting things done.”

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