Authentic city guide for Lisbon

Non-cliché tips to enjoy Lisbon

1. Cross the river Tejo on a boat and enjoy beautiful views of Lisbon!


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2. Learn to surf at Caparica beach.


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3. Explore Lisbon on army jeep with crazy guys from We Hate Tourism!


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4. Buy a bottle of wine and enjoy the sunset on the highest hill in Lisbon.


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5. Find somebody who can join you for a tough ice cream challenge.

6. Visit the Oceanarium.

there’s something in the water calling my name

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8. Help locals decide which beer brand is better: Super Bock or Sagres.

9. Go for an unforgettable party in Bairro Alto – don’t plan it, just go and get lost in the streets!


10. Too lazy to go to Bairro Alto? There is always a party at Pink Street!

11. Visit Parque Eduardo VII for unparalleled views of the city and the river Tejo!

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14. Taste the second best hangover food after bifana: A Merendeira!

[*unbezahlte Werbung/unpaid ad] I have very nice memories of long beach days when we were staying at our vacation house that involved lunch at this joint, except that it was on the other side of the river and outside of Lisbon, and therefore a bit far away from home. But I recently discovered that they also own another shop in the city center of Lisbon, in the heart of the night life area 😱 which means that going there is a lot easier and more accessible! If you’re expecting something fancy, this might disappoint you 😅 The location looks like a canteen, with its rustic wooden furniture and bare walls. It’s not exactly comfy nor cozy in terms of appearance. But this is comfort food at its finest 🤤 A hearty greens soup with chorizo pieces mixed in, and a very warm chorizo bread that tastes better than all other chorizo breads I’ve ever tried (and I’ve already had many!) are sure to make you feel satisfied and really warm inside ❤️ I love how their bread (which is cooked in a stone oven!) is always warm, since they keep it under heavy blankets 🥖🔥 The dough is chewy and the chorizo ratio is very generous. Proof that good food doesn’t have to look fancy and pretentious nor be expensive (this menu cost 3,2€!) – this will always be one of my favourite places back home! ❤️#HungryDianaTakesLisbon . . . #paocomchouriço #pãocomchouriço #amerendeira #santos #sopa #caldoverde #chouriço #chorizo #bread #soup #chorizobread #merenda #merendeira #portuguesefood #comfortfood #cheapfoos #cheapeats #lisbon #lisboa #lisboafoodie #lisbonfood #lisbonfoodguide #lx #lisbonfoodblogger #lisboapontocome #zomato #zomatopt #goofodielx

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16. Wake up super early and go for sightseeing to empty places which are full of tourists during the day (Praça do Comércio or Belém).

18. Eat fresh fish in Cacilhas.

O tramontão 🌅

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19. Explore Parque das Nacoes – neighborhood built for the Expo 98 with views of the Vasco da Gama bridge – the longest bridge in Europe.

Ponte Vasco Da Gama

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20. Drink vinho verde, ginjinha and eat sardines.

| 🍒 🎩 |

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22. Visit the westernmost point of the European mainland – Cabo da Roca.

24. Have a yummy lunch/dinner at nearby Mercado Da Ribera.

Time to eat 🍽 #mercadodaribeira #dumbyum

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25. Bike from Cascais to Guincho beach around the coast. There are free bikes available in Cascais, courtesy of the city council.

26. Fly a kite at Carcavelos beach.

#beachvibes another week will come!

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27. Explore castles, palaces and gardens in Sintra.

My take on Pena Palace (aka strange angles, tiles and architectural features 😉)

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30. Organize a movie night in the office (we have a projector)!

we wish you more beach meetings in 2018 🌴 #surfoffice

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32. Bike along the river.