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Have you heard about a corporate office that transforms workers into creative machines? Yeah, that sounds pretty far-fetched. Office life tends to do the opposite – kill creativity and override inspiration with routine and mundanity (not to mention the all-enticing procrastination).

But everyone needs to be creative from time to time. Creativity lets us respond better to problems and come up with better solutions.

Company Retreats in Lisbon

Praia da Mata, Lisbon

Take your team away to Lisbon for a few days and combine all the great things – fresh air, new environment of a beautiful city, sightseeing and team building activities tailored specifically to trigger new ideas and uncover hidden creativity in your team.

Lisbon’s colorful streets are packed with inspiration and a little systematic approach will allow you to enjoy it to the fullest while increasing your team’s motivation and productivity.

Handpicked Team Activities in Lisbon

We work with our network of trusted partners to provide you the best local and authentic experience.
We tried all the activities by ourselves.

Surf Lessons

€ 40 per person / 2 hours

Surfing is our most popular team building activity in Lisbon. It doesn’t matter if everybody in the team has zero experience – it’s a fun and unforgettable day out!

Each lesson of 2 hours covers the equipment (surfboard and wetsuit), experienced surf instructor and insurance. Lessons are at Costa da Caparica.

Transfers to/from the beach are included.

Surf Zone
Goncalo Surf School
Goncalo - Time To Surf
Lisbon - Surfing at Caparica Beach
Trip to Sintra

€ 57 per person / 6 hours

We’ll take you to Sintra, the awe-inspiring viewpoint at Cabo da Roca, the most western point of Continental Europe, the beach town of Cascais, and one of the best and unexpected hidden views in Lisbon to finish the day, giving you a real taste of this picturesque country.

Cabo da Roca - The Westernmost Point in Europea
E-bike tour

€ 35 per person / 3 hours

Why not explore the centre of Lisbon and enjoy great moments within a big city?

Discover some of the city’s most elegant squares and it’s historic areas. See the highlights, experience history and enjoy the atmosphere.

You become acquainted with different highlights, taste the local atmosphere and get the best insider tips from the excellent guide, thus quickly getting to know the city. Discover the city in a fun and environmentally friendly way.

Sunset sailing

€ 45 per person / 2 hours

These sailing boat tours are the perfect way to discover Lisbon from the best perspective. From our boats, you’ll have a very nice view over the city and its most emblematic monuments.

It includes one drink and a snack. You may bring additional snacks and non-alcoholic drinks or buy them on board. One boat can carry 10-12 people.

Pastel de nata workshop

€ 42 per person / 2 hours

This is the only cooking class in Lisbon that takes place inside a real working kitchen of a bakery near Bairro Alto. Learn how to bake authentic Portuguese Custard Tarts, from pastry rolling techniques to making custard from scratch and bake it all inside a professional oven.

At the end of the class, everyone gets to eat the tarts they bake, along with coffee, tea or sour cherry liquor.

Max. capacity: 12 people.

Craft brewery tour

€ 12 per person / 30 minutes

Let’s go “backstage” at Lisbon’s very first craft brewery in the Marvila neighborhood. This tour lasts about one hour, during which you will see from the first row how beer is made.

The tour includes 4 beer tastings of 12cl, to be enjoyed while learning and walking around the production area. In the end, you can choose to try other beers and food at the brewery’s lively tap room.

Max. capacity: 15 people.

City walking tour

€ 25 per person / 2 hours

A brief description of the history of the city, to understand who were civilisations that came over and the cultures that founded the city, why Lisbon has so many faces, how the city has changed and what are the typical drinks and food that define the city’s culinary tradition.

Treasure hunt

€ 30 per person / 3 hours

The teams walk through the historic streets, among the most famous monuments as well as beautiful hidden places and cooperate inside the teams. It is a great way how to get to know the city in a fun way.

Treasure hunt is a perfect activity for large groups.

Cooking class

€ 65 per person / 3 hours

You will learn all the secrets of some of the most traditional Portuguese recipes with a local chef/instructor in a cosy and fun environment.

By the end of the class you will know how to prepare a traditional Portuguese fish dish, meat dish and a dessert that will delight your senses.

Then you will sit down and enjoy the meal you have prepared with your new foodie friends together with excellent Portuguese wines.

Portuguese Dinner and Live Music

€ 73 per person / 4 hours
“There’s never been a better time to get to know Lisbon’s UNESCO-inscribed music” – Condé Nast Traveler

Discover and get intimate with two of the richest expressions of the Portuguese soul: the food and Fado music!

Our local expert will take you places, three authentic Lisbon settings you are very unlikely to end up in otherwise, and offer you a taste of the highest quality Portuguese dishes, all the while supporting the vibrant soulful music scene.

It includes appetizers, dinner, dessert and at least 4 glasses of local wines and liquors.

Street art tour

€ 25 per person / 2,5 hours
Explore Lisbon’s art and get to know the city from a whole different perspective.

Portugal is ranked in the top 10 countries for outstanding street art. Lisbon’s decorated walls are without a doubt the true hidden artistic beauty of this beautiful city and we want to share this with you on this tour.

What is included:

  • Expert guide of Portuguese urban art
  • Exciting walk and show of graffiti.
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Common Questions

When do we have to decide which activities we would like to do?
We need a confirmation at least 2-3 weeks before the retreat to make sure the dates are available.

Do we have to divide if our group is larger?
Depends on the type of activity and the dates. We will let you know if this is the case.

Do we have to be in good shape to try surfing?
Good shape sometimes helps but surf lessons are definitely for everyone and there is no age limit.

What are the most popular activities in Lisbon?
The most popular is sailing, surf lessons and the trip to medieval castles of Sintra 🏰

How does the activities booking process work?
Simply send us the dates you’d like to book your activities for and the number of people participating in each one. We’ll take care of everything for you and once booked, send you a confirmation for each activity and an invoice for all activities with a total sum you can pay via bank transfer or through PayPal.​

What’s the best team building activity?
Something you haven’t tried before 😎