Location Finder

Discover the optimal location to meet with your remote team

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How it works?

Add the locations of your team members as well as the number of people in each location.

Press the search button and wait for your results – this can take up to a few minutes.

Results are sorted by average travel time per person, number of stopovers and overall price.

Feedback from Product Hunt community

What wonderful timing! We are just about to plan our retreat and came across this exact issue just a few days ago. Couldn’t be happier about this 🙂

This is awesome! We’re a distributed team so I can really empathise with what you’re trying to do. Genuinely considering having our team meet up now.

Nifty idea! I get that this is built using a flight API and my request would be more complex, but it would be cool if you could incorporate other costs into the suggestions.

Good problem, simple solution. Love it.