Save tons of time
  • You will have access to a unique database of tested offsite venues with fantastic infrastructure (internet connection, workspace setup, etc.)
  • Your managers don’t waste time on planning because of our standardized automated planning process
  • We connect our vendors to your existing tools: Tipalti, Oracle NetSuite, SAP Concur and many more

Optimize the costs
  • You don’t have to hire an internal event team or contract an overpriced agency
  • Our tech solution allows you to find an optimal location for meeting a team when taking into consideration travel time and costs
  • Advanced reporting optimizes costs over time

Tailor-made solutions for distributed teams
  • We understand that each organization has a different setup and we integrate into your existing structure
  • After organizing hundreds of offsites for remote teams we have mastered the whole process and know how to adjust it for any organization
  • You will get an account executive working internally with your team

Have a perfect overview
  • Get all the details and updates about your company’s events all in one place
  • Have a perfect overview of all the past and future offsites organized by your company
  • Building a valuable knowledge base for your company to master every single detail of your events

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“The magic of distributed work is something that every company should incorporate: meet-ups.”

Matt Mullenweg, Automattic