This is a free meetup organized by Surf Office in Hamburg, Germany.

We invite everyone interested in remote work and nomad lifestyle to join us for a couple of talks about working remotely, travel and surfing.


Stephan & Simon from Wondrous

Simon Kratz & Stephan Simonett


Both Simon and Stephan work for digital agency Wondrous based in Basel. But as there are not many waves to surf, they decided to pack the van and see what it looks like to work remotely from the French coast. You can expect a looooooot of pictures in their talk.

Surf Office Lisbon - Workspace

Peter Fabor

8 reasons why to relocate your team to the beach for a week

Surf Office has hosted dozens of team retreats of some of the top tech companies like Toptal, Stripe, Invision or Automattic. Peter will share insight and ideas for your next offsite – how to make it besides team spirit-boosting achieve specific business goals.

Live concert

Jan Augsberg

Jan Augsberg

100 concerts in 100 cities

Jan quit his job as an architect to focus on music and play 100 concerts in 100 different cities in one year. We are very proud that Surf Office meetup in Hamburg is one of these concerts.

Event Details

Date & Time
23nd of November 2016, at 7pm

Eifflerstraße 43, 22769 Hamburg (Map)

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The event is free but make sure to register, the number of spots is limited.
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