Previous Speakers

Deborah Rippol

People Success Manager at Buffer

Deborah is extremely passionate about people, productivity, and culture, and has combined her love for these three things to help drive and develop the enviable culture at Buffer.

Don O’Leary

Head of EU Operations at Stripe

Don has a detailed career in software, with his Android apps having been downloaded more than five million times. He’s also helped to build and cultivate some hugely successful & global teams, listing teams as a big interest of his.

Saskia Rysenbry

Director of Design at Toptal

As the Director of Design at Toptal, and as someone who has worked, lived and learnt in different places remotely, Saskia has plenty of interesting insights about working at distributed company to share.

Blaise DiPersia

Product Designer at Facebook

It’s safe to say that Blaise knows a thing or two about companies who do things differently, having led the design of the Workplace by Facebook product, as well as organising hackathons and other company culture events.

Dan Rogers

Co-founder of Peakon

Dan Rogers, with a background in growing startups, now operates as the CSO at Peakon, an employee engagement software company that also happens to be one of the fastest growing startups in Europe.

Doug Barber

Co-founder of Minaal

Doug, with his other co-founder Jimmy, have created a range of travel gear that has made travelling faster, happier and more productive. The best part? They’ve done it entirely remotely.

John Dennehy

CEO of Zartis

John has a habit of growing successful tech companies, and his latest venture, Zartis, is changing the way that companies such as Google, Microsoft and Stripe are hiring.

Richard Burton

CEO of Balance

Richard runs a small distributed banking and blockchain wallet company, and has balanced his time working remotely all over the world. He’s also an avid kitesurfer, so he definitely has some cool stories!

James Routledge

Co-Founder of Sanctus

James’ startup Sanctus has set out on a bold mission to redefine the way in which individuals and businesses perceive mental health. If you’re looking for someone who’s changing how we see happiness, it’s James.

John Hazelton

UK Country Manager at

John has a proven track record helping companies scale up in the UK tech scene and is currently leading the revolution in the recruitment industry with

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CEOs & founders interested in company culture

Managers who are looking to leverage new working trends

HR executives who don’t use “HR” in their title

Journalists interested in the future of work

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