Productive retreats for remote teams

Hosting retreats for distributed teams is our bread and butter

Spend a couple of days with your remote team in one of our retreat locations, working from a functioning private workspace with fast internet, whiteboards, post-its, and a projector.

Accommodation? Meal reservations? Team-building activities?

You don’t have to think about these arrangements. We’ll take care of all of the matters and you can focus on what matters – working with your team, analysing your business, and preparing the roadmap for the next months.

Off-site package

Included in the package:

  • Private office
  • Accommodation
  • Dedicated pre-arrival Retreat Planner
  • Customized schedule with activities
  • Meal reservations
  • Online concierge service

Why Surf Office?

  Saving time and money
Why spend time organising a retreat when you can instead manage a team or write code?

   Removing risk
100% secure and backed up internet + a professional and timely workspace.

  Domain expertise
Through organizing hundreds of retreats we know exactly what you expect and desire.

Case studies

Invision’s beach meetings in beautiful Ericeira

With coworkers located around the world, Invision flew their team
to the beautiful coastal fishing village of Ericeira, to come together,
hack on ideas and boost team morale while enjoying some
stand up paddle surfing and incredible seafood meals.

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How this workaway turned out to be a generator of 12 product features

Mynd gathered 32 developers, product people, and business-people in Barcelona.
Over 10 days, their goal was to run a hackathon, develop 12 new product ideas,
and have plenty of fun via various team building activities.

Mynd gathered 32 developers, product people, and business-people for their remote team retreat with team-building in Barcelona.

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Mattermost’s innovative design retreat comes together in Lisbon

Learn more about Mattermost’s hackathon process and
all of the great innovation that came out of their retreat.

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Little extras

   We can help you to find an optimal location

As people are travelling from all over the places, we know how important is for you to find an optimal retreat location which will minimise the time for your team members.

Find an optimal location for your next remote team retreat

No matter how spread out around the globe you are, we’ll find the best location for you all to meet.

   Flexible check-in

We understand the traditional hospitality check-in after 2 pm is not convenient for a distributed team coming in from all over the globe. We’ll have someone at the workspace at all times to receive guests and check you into the accommodation as early as possible.

   Organization of a local meetup

Organizing a local meetup: Be it for hiring or networking purposes, we have a strong local community of tech people and remote workers in most Surf Office locations and can easily put together a meetup like the one for a previous Automattic group in Lisbon.

“Amazing experience! For a fully remote company with 500+ employees, it’s sometimes hard to organize off-sites where we all need to fly in from different parts of the world. But Surf Office made it a lot easier for us. With a great location in Portugal, we decided to bring around 20 folks together to experience a productive week while enjoying the change of environment and amazing Portuguese ocean views.”

Tomy Jasovsky, Product Designer at Invision

Make organizing your next retreat easy