This page doesn’t aim to be an extensive directory of coffee shops around the world. Actually, it’s the opposite – a list of only a few, but really great places, visited and approved by Surf Office community.




San Francisco
Cafe Internacional

Brooklyn, NYC

Powell’s City of Books



Art Caffe


You are in a new city for a few days and you need to work. Rent a coworking space is an option, but you need to work right now and be flexible. So you have to find a cool local coffee shop with decent WiFi, nice ambiance and awesome coffee. A place that is comfortable enough to work from for hours and without annoying waiters asking you every 15 minutes if you’d like something else. But how to find that place? 

We’ve seen many people struggling with the same problem and sometimes we too have to deal with it on your travels. So we decided to ask those who are the most knowledgeable about the subject – people who stayed in Surf Office and know the best venues in towns they come from.

Thanks for tips to Victoria, Chris, Zsolti, Stefi, Silvan, Jana, Simi, Tomy, Hana, Thijs and Martin.